HCL Unica

Learn how the Financial sector can scale its Marketing to stay relevant in today's complex Martech environment.

Forget the old-school marketing playbook. Things have really changed in the marketing world, especially for Banking and Insurance. The landscape has transformed, demanding a recalibration of strategies in the expansive realm of Martech.

NEW: Google and HCL Unica Collaborate to Bring Vital Enterprise Marketing Management to the Cloud

Features of HCL Unica

Orchestrate personalized omnichannel engagements, track progress and recalibrate marketing activities in real-time.

Leverage built-in SMS, Push, WhatsApp preconfigured templates for near perfect email marketing rendering and delivery fulfilment.

Unica is cloud-native. The deployments are automatically provisioned and released with an on-demand allocation of infrastructure and minimum IT involvement.

Effortlessly create billions of personalized interactions for organizations with complex data infrastructures


Proven results across wide variety of industries

  • Banking & Financial
  • Institutions
  • Healthcare & Insurance
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Media & Entertainment
0 %
Increase in click per day in Travel & Hospitality
+ 0 %
Boost in operating profit in a large US-based retailer
x 0
Increase in customer responses in a global bank.

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