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Learn how the Financial sector can scale its Marketing to stay relevant in today's complex Martech environment.

Forget the old-school marketing playbook. Things have really changed in the marketing world, especially for Banking and Insurance. The landscape has transformed, demanding a recalibration of strategies in the expansive realm of Martech.

Now, let’s delve into what omnichannel challenges and opportunities are shaping the Banking and Insurance sectors. 

  • Learn how the financial sector can scale its marketing to stay relevant in today’s complex Martech environment. 
  • Understand the how-tos of planning and creating an omnichannel strategy. 
  • Unravel the relationship between the CMO and the CTO for a company’s steady growth. 
  • Learn about the effects of privacy legislation in the financial sector. 

To gain deeper insights, grab a copy of the BFSI Martech report from HCL Software. Being a driving force in the Digital+ economy, HCL Software sparks innovation for more than 20,000 organizations, with a substantial presence among Fortune 500 companies. 


Key takeaways from the report

Learn how to refocus the conversation around data privacy: 2/3 of marketers

consider data privacy to be the biggest omnichannel marketing challenge for BFSI companies.

As the tech landscape in finance evolves, explore how CMOs and CTOs unite their omnichannel strategies

CMO and CTO collaborations lead to better business performance, the ability of businesses to capitalize, and steady growth in the digital era.

Discover how personalization boosts retention. 41% of customers

admitted that they would churn from a company due to poor and irrelevant communication.

Build a unified marketing stack

With fast and flexible integrations, you'll be x3 more likely to fully leverage your martech solutions.

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