Value Drivers for an Attack Surface Management (ASM) Program

The cloud and remote work has not only revolutionized the way business is done, they have also irrevocably changed attack surfaces. Assets move, change, and appear constantly, and this dynamic nature means traditional manual asset inventory processes simply cannot keep up.


The modern attack surface requires modern, automated attack surface management to ensure security teams have the visibility they need to keep organizations safe. Attack surface management (ASM) allows security teams to be proactive and helps prevent disruptive and costly attacks, including ransomware.


The value of modern ASM extends beyond the security benefits. It can save money as well through prevention, lower cyber insurance costs, lower human effort, and higher operational efficiency.


Read this white paper by Enterprise Strategy Group and Cortex® Xpanse™to find out:

  • Why ASM continues to lag
  • How ASM weaknesses lead to security incidents
  • Why it’s time for ASM automation


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