Customers can experiment with your products, on a platform of their choice, at their own pace until they find the right bet for them. Our augmented reality solutions display your jewelry, beauty, skincare, eyewear and other fashion accessories from every angle so customers choose the one that reflects every facet of their authentic self, thus informing their choices better.

  • Convert Up To 160% With Our Augmented Reality Platform

Customers can try before they buy to see what shape, color, size, and pattern looks flattering on them, encouraging them to make more purchases. When they see how a specific product looks on them via AR software in real-time, they are more likely to purchase.

  • Reduce Return Rate By 37% With Augmented Reality In E-Commerce

Virtual try-on experiences infuse confidence in the consumer & help them visualize what they’re investing money in, leading to greater satisfaction and a low return rate. Having a crystal-clear view of what customers will be purchasing decreases the odds of them returning a product that doesn’t suit or flatter them.


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