Outsprint Your Fiercest Adversaries

How Can You Protect What You Don’t Know Is There?

Teams inside security operation centers (SOCs) have a lot on their plates. Threats are multiplying and evolving; their organization’s digital infrastructure is sprawling and complex; many assets are outdated or configured improperly; and employees accidentally create shadow IT. The issues are endless. To effectively handle challenges like these, one proactive tactic SOCs have implemented is attack surface management (ASM).

There’s a simple way to explain this approach: Find and correct vulnerabilities and exposures before adversaries find them. The fewer the risks, the fewer the attacks a SOC has to mitigate. Finding these risks – fully and quickly – is challenging in itself. However, ASM makes it happen.

Read the SOC Guide to ASM white paper to learn:

  • How attack surfaces continually expand and become more complex.
  • Why SOC teams need a 24/7 comprehensive, up-to-date asset inventory.
  • How ASM efficiently locates assets, prioritizes vulnerabilities and automates alerts.

Download the paper to gain insights on how SOC teams can leverage ASM. Take on the fiercest adversaries while focusing team resources on the most critical needs.

Download Whitepaper

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