IT Asset Disposition in Today’s Circular Economy

About Whitepaper

This paper aims to elevate the understanding of ITAD by establishing new standards that better align with the needs of a more sustainable circular economy. It highlights the significant risks associated with improper ITAD, including fines and litigation costs associated with data breaches, environmental harm from illegal dumping, and negative audit outcomes when handled incorrectly. We offer comprehensive insights for corporate governance at various levels to promote an environmentally and socially responsible approach to asset utilization and disposal. This transforms ITAD from a cost burden to a profit center by enhancing organizational productivity and reclaiming residual value for the technology budget. This paper also examines the perils of Do-It-Yourself asset disposition and the accompanying risks of non-compliance with various industry, data security, and environmental regulations. Then we discuss criteria for selecting a competent managed ITAD service provider, focusing on their ability to determine the reusability of IT assets and their use of appropriate certified recyclers when those assets cannot be reused. Lastly, we present universally applicable strategies to mitigate the risks of inadequate ITAD enabling companies to avoid potentially costly pitfalls while simultaneously minimizing service costs, maximizing the recovery of residual value, minimizing environmental impact, and maximizing positive social outcomes, thus gaining a competitive advantage in the dynamic corporate environment.

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