Identity Controls Are Central To Enterprise Plans For Cloud Security

Sonar Security & AWS commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an Opportunity Snapshot study to explore the challenges of identity management in the cloud. The study’s findings are based on a survey including 150+ cloud decision-makers in North America in January 2022.

Organizations today tack tool after to secure their cloud, yet continue to face major security incidents. In fact, organisations use an average 6 tools, but close to 96% of them still faced a security incident in the last 12 months. Cloud decision-makers struggle with overly complex access control policies, a dispersed view of cloud platform identities, and overprivileged cloud admin users.

The study will cover:

  • What issues uncontrolled cloud identities are causing & how organisations are addressing this
  • The impact of non-unified cloud security tools on your overall security performance
  • Why do respondents see machine learning, automation, and DevOps integration as key to addressing this complexity

Download this study for critical insights into the current and future state of identity management in the cloud.

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