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Domino Is Integral to BOGE’s Future Digital Transformation

In parallel with these improvements, BOGE is transforming its Domino applications into web applications using Angular frontend and Spring


HCL Domino Can Make a Difference in Your Bottom Line

Forrester conducted a total economic impact study for HCL Domino to determine how our app dev platform benefits and delivers a return on investment for our customers. Find out what our customers had to say about how Domino impacts their business.

ROI – Payback Less than 6 Months
0 %
Improvement Application Development Efficiency
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Cost to Replace HCL Domino
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Domino Leap

Empower business users to build powerful applications. Domino Leap has drag-and-drop tools and reusable components to build apps up to 70% faster. Leverage no-code capabilities with Domino’s infrastructure and governance.


Extend your applications to web and mobile with Nomad, and access your apps anytime, anywhere. Nomad web keeps your applications up to date with easy browser updates — eliminating client desktop upgrades.

With Real-World Results

BOGE Drives Business Optimization Success by Upgrading HCL Domino

BOGE Kompressoren has been a renowned and established manufacturer of compressors and air systems in Germany for over 100 years.

VCC Excellence in Construction

Keeps Multimillion-Dollar Construction Work on Track with Seamless Mobile Collaboration


HCL Domino Powers the Entertainment and Media Industries

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