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2023 Continuous Testing Trends Report

Understand the testing practices, tools and trends that are being adopted by developers in 2023.

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Taking a Journey through Value Stream Mapping

Take a deep dive into value stream management — to see how it began, where it’s going, and how we can help you start your journey.

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Don’t miss out on the latest HCL DevOps news

Meet Your World-class HCL Secure DevOps Solution

In a modern Secure DevOps culture, teams seamlessly collaborate to increase delivery, seek new areas of efficiency and productivity. HCLSoftware Secure DevOps is approaching this next decade strategically and with the full-cycle and scope of DevOps in mind, including development teams, IT and business units.

Leveraging our comprehensive product portfolio paired with decades of industry expertise, we have created a solution as unique as your business.

Meet Your World-class HCL Secure DevOps Solution- HCL Secure DevOps


Deploy anything, anywhere with HCL DevOps Deploy

HCL DevOps Deploy automates application deployments across your IT environments and gives quick feedback for continuous integration and continuous delivery while providing the audit trails, versioning, and approvals needed in production

Maximize your Secure DevOps investment with HCL DevOps Velocity

In today's large enterprises, data is scattered across tools, making it difficult to understand the big picture of software operations. HCL DevOps Velocity integrates with your existing toolset and brings unprecedented visibility to your value stream.

Remediate vulnerabilities with HCL AppScan

HCL AppScan's powerful static and dynamic scanning engines can deploy in every phase of the development lifecycle and test web applications, APIs and mobile apps.

Simplify test automation with the HCL DevOps Test Suite

With solutions like API, UI, Performance and Embedded Testing, as well as and Service Virtualization and Data Fabrication, we have a test solution for you that will ensure sound integration of your complex systems to improve quality and performance.

Flexible development with HCL DevOps Code ClearCase

Whether your team is a small workgroup at a single location or a highly- distributed team spanning multiple geographies, HCL DevOps Code ClearCase provides the scalability needed for your organizational needs.

Accelerate project delivery with HCL DevOps Plan

HCL DevOps Plan manages the full range of testing activities from test planning, to test execution, to the capture and analysis of test results

Develop real-time applications with HCL DevOps Model RealTime

HCL DevOps Model RealTime is a development environment for creating event-driven, real-time applications in C++ for designing, analyzing, building, debugging, and deploying real-time applications

Our Latest Innovations

HCL DevOps Velocity 4.0

Integrate with the tools you're already using to aggregate data and surface actionable insights.

HCL DevOps Deploy

HCL DevOps Deploy version encompasses critical bug fixes and security enhancements to ensure a more reliable and secure experience for our users.

HCL DevOps Test 10.5.4

HCL DevOps Test portfolio continues to deliver customer enhancement requests. These capabilities support our changing technology environment and improve the DevOps lifecycle.

HCL DevOps Model RealTime v12

HCL Model RealTime, version 12, is now available and ready for production use. This release marks the beginning of a new phase for Model RealTime. New features include working with multiple code snippets in the code editor and navigating to substitutable types.

HCL DevOps Code ClearCase v3.0.1

HCL DevOps Code ClearCase offers unique capabilities that combine to create the world’s most flexible software configuration management (SCM) system. New release features include usability, DevOps toolchain integrations, performance, and ease of administration.

AppScan 10.3.0

HCL AppScan continues to push forward on an accelerated innovation roadmap with the release of version 10.3.0 for three on-prem software products: HCL AppScan Standard, Enterprise, and Source. Wider vulnerability coverage, an improved user experience and the addition of secrets scanning are three of the new features included to support the building of secure applications.

Choose HCL Secure DevOps

From idea to production, HCLSoftware Secure DevOps provides solutions for source control and work item management, continuous delivery and testing, security scans, and value stream management.

Manage Risk & Governance

Avoid catastrophic incidents by catching security, compliance, and other risks earlier in the software development lifecycle. HCLSoftware Secure DevOps allows clients to aggregate security, quality, and other meaningful KPIs to help steer business decisions and allow for informed decisions across the organization.

Control Cost & Quality

Minimize re-work, reduce defects, and improve success rates by utilizing the complete testing portfolio offered through HCLSoftware. We have you covered with UI testing, performance testing, API testing, test data fabrication, and service virtualization.

Generate Flow Through Revenue

HCLSoftware offers the leading edge in Value Stream Management capabilities which can help your organization identify bottlenecks, manage and orchestrate all of your delivery pipelines, and leverage machine learning and analytics to help steer the direction of your organization.

Deploy Anything. Anywhere.

HCLSoftware Secure DevOps offers market leading technology in the Application Release Automation (ARA) space. Trusted by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, this technology has been proven for over a decade to provide simple push-button automation, with full traceability and auditability.

HCLSoftware Secure DevOps is Cloud Native

HCLSoftware's cloud-native strategy combines a technical platform rooted in the most widely adopted cloud-native technologies with the flexibility that allows each of our customers to adopt cloud native in a way that best meets their own specific business objectives.

HCL DevOps + SAP

HCL DevOps allows you to compose with your existing environment by offering solutions to key challenges with SAP. With products to facilitate the automation, visibility, governance and control for your development teams, you can rely on better quality software - faster.

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Fully realize the benefits of your Secure DevOps transformation investments.


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