Callminer CX Landscape Report

NEW Landmark Findings on CX Data, Analysis, Employees & AI

Not all CX reports are created equal.

And there is no clearer example of this than the new landmark research report published by CallMiner and executed by world-renowned research firm Vanson Bourne.

Findings of this FREE report are based on extensive interviews with hundreds of contacts center and CX leaders from the US, UK, Ireland, and South Africa. Sample findings include:

  • 62% don’t collect all the CX data they need
  • 96% use some form of manual CX data analysis
  • 36% report AI has positively impacted employee engagement & productivity
  • 40% cite customer vulnerability as a challenge in the last year
  • 41% don’t have budget to implement AI for CX
  • Many more…

Learn how your CX environment and execution compare to that of your industry peers by Downloading this FREE report to find out! 

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